NECRAMBULANT - Infernal Infectious Necro​-​Ambulatory Pandemic


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Austin Namdar
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Austin Namdar Chuggity chug chug chug, these riffs and slams are just how I like em, suuuper chuggy. This shit makes you wanna get up and destroy everything in sight. Therefore it may be dangerous to listen to while driving... Favorite track: Self Biological Carnivorous Cannibalism.
Justin McNeil
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Justin McNeil I love the guitar tone on this album. Brutal solid as fuck straight forward slam, just the way I like it with a few chaotic trem riffs thrown in here and there. Vocalist sounds like he's vomiting bloody intestines and stomach acid. Highly recommended if you like your slam sludgy, groovy and RAW. 10/10.
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syn Oldschool slamming deathmetal sound perfected. This album is pure bliss for fans of oldschool sound with crystal clear production. One of the most fun metal albums I have in my collection. I wonder if they could have come up with longer song titles...


Founded in 2008 and hailing from Phoenix,Arizona the band brings intense slamming brutality in the style of early DEVOURMENT, ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY, GUTTURAL SECRETE to name a few….. All you pit lovin´ slammers will be crushed by these guys.

Necrambulant exists as a means to turn our fascination of Death Metal and splatter flicks into which has become known as “INHUMAN SLAM GRIND”.


released July 26, 2013

INHUMAN SLAM GRIND from Phoenix,Arizona,USA



COMING OUT 26 / 07 / 2013 on LACERATED ENEMY records



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death metal • brutal death metal • technical death metal • progressive death metal • slam • oldschool death metal • modern death metal • dark/blasphemic death metal • black death metal

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Track Name: Epoch of Nihilistic Cosmic Failure
Epoch of Nihilistic Cosmic Failure

In concordant space a decrepit star prepares
For a prodigious dysmorphic expansion
A disintegrative immolating force immanent
An all consuming inevitable catastrophic phenomenon

A planet full of life in extreme peril, but few know
The omniscient spoke of this doom but not for millennia to come
This technological society complacently blinded by faith
An epoch of nihilistic failure will soon encompass the world

Redness enshrouds the terrestrial planets
The expansion of the star exponentially devolves
Venus and Mercury consumed in an infernal holocaust
Matter eradicated from the fabric of existence

Bullition of Earths seas and lakes
The crust liquefied into molten rock
Atmosphere set ablaze, cosmic radiation bathes the last remnants
A nihilistic martyrdom of all organic matter

The last of this advanced civilization remains on Mars
Its polar caps melt, water respawns a dead planet
Those seeking this refuge will come in vein
For this expanded star will die and eradicate a planetary system

Life returns to a once dead planet, terraformed a planetary paradise
Now a fatalistic non-complacent species, excepting their inevitable doom
Abjectly life continues to evolve into new species
A worthless paradise, a nihilistic negation again immanent

The star sheds its skin, a planetary nebula formed
Slowly gravity pushes this once massive star inward
A decrepit White Dwarf, the end of life
A new paradise expunged, the end of civilization

Now after many millennia a Black Dwarf now resides
A cold carbon lifeless mass, epoch of nihility
Now in concordant space, organic matter is extinguished
Forever a frozen chaotic cosmic wasteland
Track Name: Dysmorphic Evisceration of Avulsed Souls by the Baleful Spawn of the Primeval Protogenoi
Dysmprphic Evisceration of Avulsed Souls by the Baleful Spawn of the Primeval Protogonoi

Nyx, Primeval Protogonoi of night
Thou Hast spawned the baleful spirits
Blood ravaging calamities
Agents of The Moirai and Moros

Presiding over the battlefield
Zeus observes the Keres Devouring
Wretchedly avulsing souls of the slain
Banishing them to the pits of Tartarus

Pernicious winged creatures
Abhorrent talons and wings
Grandaughters to Khaos
Sisters of Charon and Thanatos

Thou lays upon the ground
Blood disseminating from the wound
The Moirai hast deemed it time since birth
The Moros Has set forth the end

Eviscerated, your entrails begin to discharge
Above the Keres arduously and violently fight
Carnivorously wanting to taste your ravaged blood
Tumultuously they descend and tear out your soul
Track Name: Rise of the Necrambulants
Rise of the Necrambulants

A pathogenic virus created, bio weaponry of a new kind
The cadavers concordantly rise from their now avulsed lives
A fetid stench emits from their necrotized and decaying bodies
Their cannibalistic appetite goes unyielding and tumultuous

These so called omniscients fervently raised the dead
A new breakthrough in the evolutionary path to immortality
Impeding on the existence of man to further their research
An inevitable extirpation of the Homo Sapien species

A breach in the experimental underground laboratories
Containment breaks down, releasing the infected
Intently they hunt down and devour their source of food
Infecting their victims and creating new ambulatory cadavers

Entering city after city increasing their infected numbers
Exponentially rising to devour our warm and tangy flesh
Rancid putrid reek now fills the air as their decaying bodies roam
The now prodigious human race existence is being extinguished

Arisen from your slumber in almost palpable terror
Gun shots and screams of infernal horror heard from outside your window
You fervently watch as your neighbor is devoured by the festering corpses
Biting off flesh from bone and tearing out intestines with fecal matter dripping

Grabbing your guns and ammo you make a move to your car
In reverse you back into the necros in a futile attempt to escape
Divaricated entrails lay across the road of your neighborhood
Dead masses of mutilated bodies begin rising, burgeoning of the new species
Track Name: Self Biological Carnivorous Cannibalism

Back alley attack a bludgeon to the head
Light avulsed from your eyes
Descent to the ground prolonged, the mind vacillates
Caliginousness enshrouds your mind


Immersed in unfathomable decay
Putrefied remains disseminated upon the floor
Cadaveric rot infiltrating your senses
Permeating through your core, Vomiting

Uncontrollable bodily actions defecating and vomiting
Unable to move you are chained to the wall
Left to rot and decay a new necro soon to add to the pile
Left unnoticed by you the sutures on your abdomen bleed

He enters the vile filled room
Quenching your thirst for water
Unbeknownst to you it is for your own self torture
To fuel the body with ones self

Days pass as your body begins to fail
Crepuscule infects your dysmorphic mind
Bodily self imposed torture
Desecrating your very core

A tumultuous carnivorous feast
Cannibalistic bodily endeavor
Internal atrociously abominable devourment
Fasciculated and putrid entrails


Your body lies upon the Torture table
Feeding tube in your throat, gagging
Bloody tools lie next to you, tormenting
He enters this new room, smiling

Walking over to your weak and helpless body
He whispers in your ear with rapture, I will never let you die!!
Death will never come, only infinite torture
Caliginousness again enshrouds your mind
His face locked in your memory, forever


Immersed in unfathomable decay
Putrefied remains disseminated upon the floor
Forever will you hang tortured, abject, your life is over
Self Biological Carnivorous Cannibalism
Track Name: Internal Necrotic Bacteria Putrefaction
Internal Necrotic Bacteria Putrefaction

You awaken chained to the table
Disseminated entrails lie putrid
Decaying the vile stench infects
Causing your mind to vacillate
Tumultuous you inchoate vomit

Lesions form on the epidermis layer
Red and swollen the pain is immense
Fever ensues as defecation initiates
Subcutaneous tissues begin to necrotize
Spreading faster through the fascial layer

Bacterial infection releasing virulence factors
Deterioration of your muscle and fatty tissues
Streptococcal pyogenes producing superantigen exotoxins
Your T-cells activate non- specifically
Creating an excessive production of Cytokines

He enters the vile fetid room
Now he stands next to you
Bending over he speaks in your ear
Sepsis will be forming from the bacteria
Shock will soon over take your putrefying body

Pathogenic pus-forming organisms; Septicemia
Damage to your organs occurs; Hemodynamic consequences
Acute phase proteins activate; Metabolic derangement
Coagulatory pathways afflicted; Vasculature damage
Internal organs fail

Watching; you go into metabolic shock
Observing your decaying limbs amputation begins
Blackend blood sprays across the vile room
An atrociously abominable scene, blood and feces mix
Dripping to the floor amidst the mutilation

Slowly slicing the scalpel down your stomach
He divaricates your chest cavity
Then throws your entrails to the floor
Extirpated and left to rot your entails excrete vile liquids
Limbs forever reposed upon the blood ridden floor
Track Name: Mass Extirpation of Infantile Homo Sapiens
Mass Extirpation of Infantile Homo Sapiens

In the hospital you convulse arduously
Massive contractions occurring
From the recent breaking of your water
The doctor arrives unannounced
Administering the sedative

The sedative wears off as you begin to awaken
Crepuscule descends over the vale of day
Caliginousness will soon over take as you lay abject
Chained to a bloody torture table your insides scream
From an atrocious surgical avulsion of life

Amidst you in this vile putrid room lie others
Still in their medical induced slumber some lie rotting
Their abdominal region divaricated, entrails splayed upon the floor
The fetid stench of others that have been surgically hacked
Permeates through you causing you to inchoate vomit

A sadistic sadist’s surgical endeavor
An unfathomable nihilistic pathologic autopsy
He divaricates the Infants chest cavity
To satisfy his insane desires of infantile extirpation
The fetal cadaver presenting the inevitable answer

Discovery; a pathogen now created
Infernal; a viral infection spreads
Sterile; humanity will soon become
Exalted; your sadistic creation has made you
Extirpated; the infant homosapiens have become

He enters the room and throws the fetal cadaver
Landing next to u he speaks “You should be proud”
Starring, your face is contorted in confusion
“Your infant has created the genocide pathogen”
Looking at your kid you scream as he exits the room